What Are the Benefits of Using Oak Timber?

When it comes to doing any type of building project, there are many things that need to be considered. In fact, you may even need to give consideration to everything; from what takes place underneath the floor to what takes place above the roof. In the middle of all of it, you may need to choose some type of hardwood and oak is one that should certainly not be left out of the mix. When you understand the benefits of using oak timber, you might never use a different type of hardwood again.

First of all, it’s important to understand that hardwoods come in many different types but for the most part, they are a slow-growing type of tree that usually is distinguished because of a broader leaf. When compared to softwood, hardwood has a much higher density and that helps to give them strength and durability. In addition, they will often last longer than softwoods, so they are ideal for a wide variety of construction as well as for use in flooring and even in making high-quality furniture.

One of the primary benefits of using oak timber is the fact that it is relatively maintenance-free. It may take a little bit of maintenance over the years but it is going to be a clean type of wood that is able to care for itself for the most part. If you are using it in flooring, you may need to sweep it on occasion and perhaps mop it but when you take care of it properly, it is going to maintain that beautiful look for many years.

Strength is also a very important thing to consider when using any type of wood for construction. The durability of oak is well known and that is what makes it one of the most popular types of wood for high-quality construction. Oak is made from a slower growing tree so the cell structure tends to be tighter and denser when you compare it to a softwood. This really makes it one of the most durable options so regardless of where you are using it in the construction, it is going to be a welcome benefit.

One other thing to consider is appearance. This is something that certainly should not be left out of the mix and it is what often sets apart this type of timber from any other. Quite simply, it is beautiful and when you consider all of the other benefits, it really is the choice that you should make.