Is A Ventless Gas Fireplace Right For Me?

There are so many options today for fireplaces. You can get traditional wood-burning ones or gas-powered ones. These also come in an array of styles with different features. If you have heard of ventless gas fireplace products you might be wondering what they are and if they are right for your home or not.

What Are Ventless Gas Fireplace Products?

Think of them as being like space heaters. They give off flames using propane or natural gas. This depends on where you live, however, as many of these products are heavily regulated because they make use of flames indoors using such flammables. They do not come with a chimney or a flue. Some are powered by electricity. These are some of the safer varieties that are available.

These fireplaces are built to be safe. If you live in an area where they are permitted, you will be able to purchase one that will last and provide many years of enjoyment without being hazardous. There are many styles to choose from.
They typically come built as freestanding units. You can install them in any room you want to in your house.

Installing a Gas Fireplace without Vents

Any fireplace that runs on propane or gas has to be installed close to a supply line. The supply line is often found against walls or inside your existing fireplace. Some of the newer models operate with auto ignition. This makes them even safer to use as they do not require an electrical charge to keep a pilot light on. This is also useful if your power ever goes out. You can still enjoy the light and warmth from the unit itself.

They are made more for aesthetics than for providing reliable heat. However, most will give off enough heat that they do work a lot like space heaters only they operate with a natural flame. If this sounds like something for you, you can shop for ventless fireplaces online.…

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