The Pros And Cons Of Being One Of The Guernsey Architects

Architects are considered one of the most reputable and admired professionals in the construction industry. Party designer, part technician, part engineer, and part town planner; the architect is a person that has both an interesting and dull job. This article will provide information on the pros and cons of being one of the Guernsey architects.

What Are The Different Pros To Being An Architect?

1. It Is An interesting Job

Architecture is one of the most interesting careers because it is rare that you do the same task from week to week, particularly as you gain more experience. A typical architecture project involves drawing buildings, working out the building details, determining how to make the client’s request a reality, reviewing the contractor’s estimate and see if there are any flaws, look if there is a way to make it more cost-effective, consider the existing building and then meet with staff to deliberate everything you’ve just done. Even if you are an intern from college who is gaining hours to become licensed, this variety of stuff is involved in your job description.

2. It Is A Creative And Challenging Position

Architecture involves design work, such as making a building “look nice”, but there are many more challenges. For example, Guernsey architects are required to meet client’s needs and preferences while still adhering to accessibility codes and their overall budget. It is like viewing a two-dimensional drawing and knowing what the three-dimensional space will look like. People are constantly learning new things during practice, which can be highly refreshing!

3. You Meet Interesting People

The clients and engineers working alongside an architect tend to be interesting people. Most architects agree they have learned much from their clients regarding various topics, such as healthcare from people building a hospital. You can also learn how different companies operate, and can make some firm friends who become a part of your life later on.

4. There Is Not Much Math Involved

Believe it or not, Guernsey architects do not require too much math in their job. In fact, architects rarely use anything above Grade 9 math. All people in architecture need is intelligence, a curious mind, the ability to draw, and logic to explain things in a way everyone can understand.

What Are The Cons To Being An Architect?

1. The Poor Salary

Contrary to popular belief, Guernsey architects are not paid well. While you will need to achieve high qualifications and work long hours, you will not earn as much as people in medicine or law. To earn a good salary as an intern, you will need to be economical with your money or have to get a second job.

2. You Can Meet Annoying People

While there are many interesting people to meet, clients can also be very annoying. A client can change their mind regarding a project overnight. Sometimes they don’t understand the drawings and cannot make decisions. In these cases, they could snap their fingers and the project ends immediately or the plan needs to change completely. Rude, self-important and ignorant people are everywhere; however, you can’t say anything because they are paying you.…

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