Types of fireplaces

Having a fireplace in your home is a great thing. It is possible to have the fireplaces in different rooms in the house. A fireplace will heat up the room as well as changing the feel of the room. There are several types of fireplaces you may considerwhen buying a fireplace. They are all under the categories of electric, wood burning, ethanol burning, and gas burning. The following are the different types of fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces.


This type is the most cost-effective of all the othertypes. They are very easy to install. You can also turn the heating function on or off as you maintain a fireplace like an ambiance. Electric fireplaces allow user customization. Most of them are controlled by remote. Others have even different fire effects varieties. Some of the fireplaces under electric includes electric fireplace TV stand and entertainment centers which comes with some media furniture and mantel electric fireplaces which mimic a built in the wood burning fireplace but requires no chimney access or venting.


Wood burning fireplaces.


The well-known by many people is a traditional wood burning hearth. What makes it even better is the crackling and snapping of a roaring fires. Today you will find different options under the wood-burning fireplaces. They include;


Traditional open hearth.

It has existed for a very long time. It is made of bricks or stones. You can hear crackling wood, burning wood smell, and the heat when you are close. You require to construct a chimney for proper venting.


Wood burning stoves. It is not a fireplace technically. It provides an alternative for wood burning for heating without requiring a fireplace. Put a pipe to vent the smoke outside.


Enclosed fireplaces. It is made in a manner that a lot of heat will enter the house than that which will escape through the chimney. You will
be able to enjoy the ambiance of the fire as it burns through the large glass panel it is made of.

Fireplace inserts. They are inserts designed to fit a fireplace which is already existing. It is fitted by just sliding it into the opening.


Gas burning fireplaces.


They produce more heat at a lower cost. Also, the gas is burned more cleanly. They ar cheap to install since they require little constructions. The fireplaces under gas burning are direct vented built in and Ventless built-in fireplaces. The ventless do not require vent and hence simple to install.


Ethanol burning fireplaces.


This type has become very common these days. They are easy
to install and have a contemporary design. Also, they are odorless and very clean. They also pose no threat to the environment. They include; wall mounted, fireplace conversion, and tabletop fireplaces.



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The Benefits of Having Gas Fireplaces

The traditional fireplace was originally designed in a way to sustain heat in order to keep your home warm for a long period. Back in their early days, people always made sure to install one in their house simply because modern heating systems did not exist during those days. Nowadays, fireplaces are either used as a fail-safe, to save money, or to give your living room a sense of sophistication whenever you want to relax. The two non-traditional modern fireplaces are electric and gas-powered. Their
popularity has grown at an exponential rate over the past 10 years and still continues to increase. There are so many people who have also installed them in their homes.

Among those two, the gas-powered ones have seen some dramatic modifications in some models including the capability of being installed in a corner, rather than the traditional centreĀ of the wall. These are particularly dubbed ‘Corner Gas Fireplaces’. Electric ones have the capability of being installed in corners as well, but their efficiency cannot compare to that of a corner gas fireplace. This has made it more efficient as compared to the other.


The fact that they are installed in the corner of a room is possibly the most peculiar aspect of these types. Despite being different than the classic fireplace, there are still plenty of models that you can find that are distinctively stylish. The various models will be available but you need to choose the best one to install in your home. The durability of these corner instalments is equivalent to that of average centered ones. Whether you want one made out of wood, metal, brick, plastic or marble, as long
as it is installed properly it will surely satisfy you.

You must be wondering why corner gas fireplaces are better than electric ones though. To break it down for you, there are two primary advantages of using a gas-powered instalment rather than an electric. One is that the electric ones only provide an illusion of a fire using still, glowing logs or sometimes fake logs along with fabric to create the misconception of a fire. The other is that the gas models will burn much hotter than electrics simply because a real flame is produced with the push of a button or twist of a knob at your own convenience. These are the two major benefits that gas models have over the electric models. There are also some other benefits that you can search on the web.

Corner fireplaces, in general, are especially suitable for rooms with limited space. If you live in an apartment or even if you plan on having a lot of furniture for social gatherings then a corner gas fireplace can easily be fitted to the smallest sized living room. It can serve as a conversational piece due to its rarity compared to the traditionally styled ones. It can strike as an interesting topic when you have one whenever you have company.

Warmth output depends upon the type of Gas fire purchased and how it is set up. Gas fireplaces are popular due to the
authentic flame that is produced, with more modern gas fires also producing realistic pops and crackles that would come with real wooden fireplaces.


To sum it all up, this type of fireplace is a great investment and will provide both heat and a sense of luxury in your home. The affordability usually seals the deal, but if you really think a traditional model will suit you better, think about all of the maintenance involved with the ordinary ones. The gas-powered models do not require routine cleaning nor do them continuously burn power and ultimately your money on electric bills. Considering that they are just more attractive if not more than the other types, corner gas fireplaces are definitely worth a try

When planning the installation of a fireplace, consider your family’s lifestyle, price and availability of your fuel choice in your area, the aesthetic design you desire and the amount of heat you expect from them. Above all, make sure you are ready for the
commitment to safety necessary in your new fireplace’s installation and regular upkeep based on the type of fuel utilised. Gas fireplaces require little upkeep, though annual cleaning of the gas burner is necessary for optimal effectiveness, Installation, upkeep and cleaning must be undertaken by a Gas Safe engineer.


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