Producing Corporate Videos For Social Media Marketing

In this short body of text, we are going to talk about some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to creating corporate videos to post onto social media networks for marketing proposes. Firstly, however, it’s important to make sure you understand how powerful video marketing on social media platforms like Twitter can be. A well-produced video can go viral on the platforms overnight resulting in lots of promotion and sales. So, if you are currently just posting text and images on your business’s social media accounts, it might be time to start investing in some video content.

One of the main things to keep in mind when producing corporate videos for SMM purposes is the length. Ideally, videos should be under 30 seconds in duration because people using social media networks often have a very short attention span. In many ways, short videos can work to your advance because filming and editing lots of footage can start to get very expensive, very quickly. Did you know, for instance, that just editing 5 minutes of footage can easily take 2 hours?

Another important thing to beware of when creating video content is to use as little text as possible. People want to watch content, not read it. Videos that look more like a badly produced PowerPoint slideshow in which each slide contains 1000+ words in a tiny font are unlikely to become popular on social media platforms. However, it’s okay to have some text on your videos and you should always provide subtitles as an option for those who are hearing impaired.

Unless you are trying to create an arthouse movie, it’s best to avoid black and white footage. People want to see lots of colors. Also, make sure your video has a soundtrack. This could either be narration, music or the live audio feed from the actual footage.

Always shoot your videos in high definition. The screen resolution capabilities of phone and computer screens have improved tenfold in recent years and footage shot in 244p is going to look really bad in 2018. Poor quality footage will reflect negatively on the professionalism of your business. Now that high capacity SD cards exist and cloud storage is very cheap, you have no excuse for creating low bitrate video content.

You will find hundreds of more useful tips for producing SSM videos online. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to produce content yourself. You can outsource work to an established production company in Los Angeles.

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